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Welcome to “Your Community Voice”

Inaugural Issue Aug. 8, 2019

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]It is with great pleasure that we welcome the “Your Community Voice” newspaper and the return of John Curry’s reporting to the households of Richmond.

The inaugural issue, now in circulation, is sure to be welcome to the residents and business community of Richmond.

The demise of the former Stittsville News publication left a hole in that “undefined substance” that binds communities together … the stories that give voice to a community and help make it a place to call home.

That demise, coming as it did right at the time Richmond was to celebrate its’ bicentennial, led to the birth of the Richmond HUB, an attempt by volunteers to keep telling Richmond’s stories throughout the bicentennial and beyond. Now there is a new player on the field and that is very welcome news indeed!

The Community Voice is well positioned to take up where the Stittsville News left off and fill the void that only professional print journalism can do.

Grab your copy and read it from front to back … you are sure to be pleased!