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Volunteers make ROSSS programs possible in our community

To say that ROSSS could not run a smooth operation without the assistance of volunteers is an enormous understatement. ROSSS offers many programs and services on limited resources for our clients, across more than 2,000 km of rural Ottawa South. Without volunteers an agency such as ours would not survive.

We have over 175 kind-hearted and selfless souls sharing their precious time covering  programs like, driving Meals on Wheels to the far reaches of some of the city’s most remote areas, driving clients to medical and social appointments, assisting at breakfast and dining programs, making phone calls, helping out in the office, making visits to those who have no family or feel isolated, answering the phones on our Friendly Voice phone line for lonely seniors and spending a day at our Adult day Programs where the motto is “We laugh a lot and eat a lot! “

Volunteering is not only a reward for the organization one is aiding but also a reward for oneself. Studies have shown that volunteering can help reduce stress, combat depression, and can help keep you physically healthy. It is a way of making new acquaintances and adds a sense of purpose, knowing that the time you are providing is putting a smile on another person’s face. One of our volunteers is even quoted as saying “It brightens my day to see the smiles of others” and another one said ‘I enjoy seeing seniors smile. It helps me smile too”. Many friendships are made through these connections, bonds which can last many years. Although many of our volunteers are retired, they have no desire to ‘hang up their boots”.

At ROSSS, we make meeting the needs of rural community’s most vulnerable our number one priority and this could not be achieved without our amazing volunteers. Their zest for life and a desire to give back to the community is the gift they present to ROSSS everyday and we could not be more thankful. THANK YOU!

If you are looking for an opportunity to give back to the community in a meaningful and fulfilling way, please give us a call 613-692-4697 or email

Our doors are always open to welcome new faces so feel free to pop in if you have a little time to share. The benefits you will experience will enrich your life in unexpected ways!