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Too Long A Winter

Too Long a Winter

Photo and poem by Lee Ann Eckhardt Smith


Through the kitchen window
spring air
caresses like fingertips on a cheek.


Spring air
scented with earth, as if
soil particles thawed
dissolved into it
made it more complex than what it once was:


Winter air
clear, empty, vast
without content.


The air has melted.
A new season pulses
sap and blood on the rise, while


We sit silently at the kitchen table
frozen like winter air
our conversation polite
without content.


Hearts, like air, can melt.
But has it been too long a winter?


Lee Ann Eckhardt Smith, a professional writer from the village, is providing to RichmondHub readers a regular series of photographs from around Richmond, along with the poems they inspired her to write. She found these ice formations in early spring 2017 on the banks of the Jock River.

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You can download a copy of the poem to read offline here.