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The view from Richmond Landing

Photo and poem by Lee Ann Eckhardt Smith

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A Woman, 1818


I turn to the east

Face the folly of my choices.

Each step seemed so right


We’re now so apart.

Oh Ireland, my Ireland!

Beyond the horizon

Unreachable home

You still cradle my heart.


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A Woman, 2018


I gaze to the east

On this ribbon of river

Its currents of strength


Flashes of blue.

Oh life, like this river!

The flow and the sparkle

My choices and fortunes

Each guiding me true.



Lee Ann Eckhardt Smith is a professional writer from Richmond. During Richmond’s 200th anniversary year, she is sharing with Richmond Hub readers some photographs she’s taken around the village along with the poems the pictures inspire her to write.

In 1818 when the members of the 99th Regiment of Foot disbanded at Quebec, those settling in what would become Richmond boarded a ship and then sailed up the St. Lawrence to the Ottawa River. They docked at a point which is still called Richmond Landing, located behind today’s Library and Archives building. A hidden gem well worth a visit via a short walk from the Mill Street Brew Pub’s parking lot.

A .pdf version of the poem can be downloaded here.