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THANK YOU! – to all volunteers and supporters of Richmond’s 200th

Volunteer organizers hard at work on final preparations for the June15-17 celebrations … it is a well oiled machine!

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]The whirl of preparation is almost complete. Richmond is counting down to the wire for its’ celebration of 200 years as a community. If it isn’t already, June 15 – 17 should be marked in bold on your calendar!

In Canada 200 years is a pretty big deal in the scheme of things. It deserves a major celebration. Thanks to a dedicated core of volunteers Richmond is going to get just that … a great celebration where all Richmond’s friends and neighbours from across the City are invited!

It is far too easy to take celebrations like this for granted.  They don’t just happen.

Committees had to be formed. Individuals, community groups and other stakeholders needed to structure a team to stay organized. Plans and ideas had to be formulated.  “Captains” had to take charge of searching out events, contacting, discussing and organizing each of the 70 plus events that are soon to take place. Permits had to be approved and obtained. Police, Fire and other emergency services had to be organized. Websites and social media channels had to be developed and maintained. Advertising and communications had to be managed. Contracts had to be funded and signed.  Sponsors were needed and other sources of funds had to be raised. Large numbers of volunteers were needed and meetings organized  for everything from parade and parking management to security.  The list goes on and on and on …

Maryan Wammes, Tino Bevacqua, Terri-Lyn Love & Cydney Green on the “Recognition Platform” on behalf of ALL VOLUNTEERS celebrating the achievement of $200K rasied.

You get the picture.  Literally thousands of hours of volunteer time have gone into the preparations for the celebration weekend alone.  Beyond that, there were also volunteers who worked events earlier in the year such as the New Years party. There will be more events coming such as the Musical Ride at this years Richmond Fair and there are individuals like Marion Scott who does such an excellent job bringing home her commitment to publish 200 Historical Factoids in honour of Richmond’s 200th on her blog and this site.

Combining those thousands of hours of volunteer time along with the over $200K so generously donated by individuals, Government and business sponsors, one could conservatively estimate the celebration weekend as being at least a half-million dollar party … one could say a priceless party!

Richmond needs to shout out a very big THANKS! to the volunteers from across the community who have given so selflessly of their time and talent to bring together such a superb celebration. And what is the best way to say thanks?  Attend the party with your family and friends!  Your presence will help make this celebration a huge success.

While this historical milestone celebrates Richmond’s proud past having volunteers and supporters like these come forward surely points to a bright future.  Party on Richmond!