Surprise! LRT Stage 2 Just Jumped an Additional $1.2 Billion!

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  1. Trudy Beggs says:

    I agree with you. He is putting the horse before the cart and it is time Scott Moffat listens to the people he is to represent.

  2. Stan Pioro says:

    Will Moffat vote against Watson on this scam? The odds are between zero and none. He never has voted against a tax increase or a project that has no benefit for the taxpayers of Rideau/Goulbourn. A huge increase in Taxes and cuts in Services will be required to pay for something that is available to 10% of the population. Watson is piling on debt to the City just like Kathleen Wynne did to the Province. The ridership will go down, because of less accessibility to the system, through cuts in bus routes, and the fact that the Park & Rides are over capacity. People are parking between the rows. As always, Rideau/ Goulbourn is just being used as a cash cow to pay for Downtown mega projects. Since SNC Lavalin is the builder, there is the stink of corruption attached to this project. There is also a bad smell attached to the $500 million Library destined for Albert Street – a Project with zero benefit for the Residents of Rideau/ Goulbourn, and in fact – no benefit for 99% of the residents of Ottawa. Why a mega Library for an area with no Primary Schools, no Middle Schools and no High Schools? Has no one twigged to the fact that everyone has a Library in their phone or Tablet? All you need is a Data plan or any restaurant, to access Wi-fi for a World of information and research. Brick and Mortar Libraries are as dead as the Dodo. Again, SNC Lavalin is the leading candidate for this job. And again, Moffat will vote with Watson – because he has no balls, spine or the slightest concern for the taxpayers of Rideau/Goulbourn.

  3. Jayme says:


    1)The cost is $200 million not $500 million.

    2)To say Librarys are dead is a myth.


    1)In no means is it a scam

    2)You may not like it but its badly needed.


    Be thankful you live here and not Edmonton or Calgary.

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