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Staples, Best Buy dealing with needs of those working at home

With the number of people working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic continuing to increase, businesses like Staples and Best Buy have become more essential for those in need of work-from-home supplies or tech needs.

Staples Best Buy both issued statements to the media regarding the practices of their respective store chains during the COVID-19 pandemic. Both stores are operating on reduced hours, and both are allowing a limited number of customers into the store at once.

“Thousands of small businesses, health care clinics, government agencies, offices and communities across Canada rely on us to provide essential products and services to continue basic operations during this uncertain time,” said Staples CEO David Boone. “It is important to many communities that we continue to serve them in-store and online. In recent days, we have received numerous notes from customers letting us know they appreciate the safety precautions we’ve taken and our continued efforts to serve their needs.”

Boone said the new and up-to-date store hours are listed on He added that Staples stores are taking extra precautionary measures to keep the community safe, including extensive cleaning and sanitizing while they remain open for business. is currently offering free shipping with no minimums.

Best Buy said its two goals during this pandemic is are to protect its customers, employees and their families, and also to serve Canadians with their vital technology tools to stay connected.

“You are turning to us for help getting the technology that allows you to continue running a small business or shift your usual job from an office setting to your home,” said Best Buy CEO Corie Barry. “You are turning to us to help your children continue their education outside of their classroom. And, you are turning to us for necessities that allow you to store and prepare food for your family. With these needs in mind and given our commitment to keep our employees and customers safe, we are shortening our store hours and will begin permitting only a small number of customers into the store at a time, so we can enforce the necessary social distancing guidelines.”

Barry added that Best Buy will not make any employee work if they are not comfortable doing so. Also, if an employee is sick or needs time to arrange childcare, Barry said Best Buy is ensuring their income stays whole while doing so. Best Buy is also paying affected employees for their regularly scheduled hours.

For those working at home in Richmond, there is a Staples and Best Buy in both Barrhaven and Kanata.