RVA launches local news service

The Richmond Village Association (RVA)  announced the launch of a new local news blog today known as RichmondHub.ca.

David Proulx, President RVA

“This initiative could not come at a better time” stated David Proulx, President of the RVA. Launched in Richmond’s bicentennial year following the announced closure of the Stittsville News, Proulx believes the community sorely needs a credible, independent, community based publication.

“Readers will be key as are contributors from the community.  Telling our stories helps make Richmond something more than just a place we live.  Celebrating 200 years as a community provides many great stories and Richmond’s story isn’t finished yet!  It is my hope that RichmondHub.ca will become a vibrant part of Richmond community life.”

While the RVA and it’s sponsors are funding the operating costs of RichmondHub.ca the intent is to provide “editorial independence” to the publication itself.  This is in recognition of the need for RichmondHub.ca to cover stories or events of all types that may be of interest to area residents.

John Shearer – Editor

John Shearer, a resident of Richmond and the editor of RichmondHub.ca,  stated his mission is to “engage and inform” area residents.

“Our quiet rural village will soon double in population.  What effect will this growth have on the people who live here?  Who are the interesting new people and businesses driving the growth? How do we maintain the values and charm of the old village as we continue to grow?  How will Richmond fare as part of the larger City of Ottawa?  What can be done to help shape the future?  Many of these questions are the same as those posed by Stittsville resident Glen Gower, owner and publisher of StittsvilleCentral.ca  who I thank for demonstrating what can be achieved with community support.  Glen’s community service initiative has inspired our efforts here.  These are the stories that we are interested in sharing too, stated Shearer”.

“Getting timely, topical content on a regular basis will be the biggest challenge” stated Shearer.  “RichmondHub.ca is actively recruiting volunteer photographers, writers and columnists.  If you or your organization are interested or know of anyone who might be interested in playing a role please contact me at  editor@RichmondHub.ca   Or,  if you have material you want considered for publication, use the same address to submit your material.”  While RichmondHub.ca is not taking paid advertising at this time, consideration is being given to that possibility.  Shearer advises potential advertisers to stay tuned.

In order to expand the reach and scope of news covered, locally produced content will be pushed out across Facebook and Twitter as well.  Staff at RichmondHub.ca will in turn monitor social media and share/retweet articles that are topical for Richmond and area readers.

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