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Richmond’s Shining Stars

While the Village slept, the stars were indeed shining brightly over Richmond last night.  The New Year has begun, the sun is up, it is frigid outside but there is already a feeling of warmth about the village as a year long birthday bash begins!  At 200 years young there are indeed many things to celebrate and there is promise of many more good things to come.

The year was rung in with a New Years Eve Gala at the Community Centre featuring  music by The Cougar Chick Tribute Band.  An early report from one attendee – “Gala last night was a total blast and success!”  Hats off to all the volunteers and sponsors supporting this event and more to come throughout this year of celebration.  Check out for information about future events throughout the year ahead.

The  born this New Years Day sincerely hopes you will enjoy the publication.  We will endeavor to keep the content engaging and meaningful. Included above and below are some stunning shots courtesy of Rudy Pohl, a local Barrhaven photographer.  All the shots were taken in the Richmond area and demonstrate just what a beautiful place we are privileged to live in.  There is a story behind each shot outlining the techniques used to capture such an image that is interesting in-and-of-itself but for the purpose of this article let’s just admire the beauty that is ours to behold!