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Richmond’s latest hockey celebrity!

Peyton and Elijah Smith built Joshua the Snowman to celebrate the return of hockey season. Happy birthday Peyton!

Hockey season is back, and Joshua, a hockey-themed snowman, was built on Shea Street in Richmond to celebrate!

Pictured with their snowman are Peyton Smith, who turns nine on Feb. 6 (Happy birthday Peyton!), and her brother Elijah, 10. Their younger sister, five-year-old Naomi, is not in the photo but also helped them build the snowman. Joshua features hockey pucks for buttons, hockey sticks for arms, hockey gloves for hands, and he is even missing some teeth!

We’re not sure if they have goalie pads for Joshua the Hockey Snowman, but if they do, well, the Sens could really use some help in that department these days…