Richmond Winters Long Past

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  1. M. Bevacqua says:

    Great story !

  2. Leslie says:

    Great story of days gone past in and around Richmond.

  3. Molly Hartin says:

    Thanks for this, Marion.

  4. Sally Kerr says:

    Thank you Marion for keeping the memories alive ….

  5. bruce webster says:

    My wife and I moved to the lovely village of Richmond in September of 1970. little expecting the winter of 70 71 to be that of record snowfall. I believe 11 plus feet recorded over the season.
    We set out for work in our 1963 Ford falcon one snowy morning only to have to have help from our neighbours to push the car three full blocks in order to get to the plowed McBean Rd.
    Our normal route was Richmond Rd. which was plowed…, about one KM out of the Village. There we came upon both the grader which had been clearing the road, until it became stuck, and the front end loader sent to dig the grader out both mired in drifts.
    We reversed path and went cross country to Stittsville which route was not as bad since the wind was out of the west. I was reprimanded by my boss for lateness of 25 minutes while many of my fellow Bell employees did not make it at all due to public transit failures. Great memories of helping neighbours and the Beauty of Richmond Past resident 1970 to 2014

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