“Richmond Village” – your community identity?

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  1. Lynne Owen says:

    John: You’ve done a brilliant job of articulating the problem with Mattamy’s name choice. Now we have to hope that wiser heads prevail.

  2. Mike Cosham says:

    An excellent article John.

    If you’re a concerned Richmond Village resident, please take action and call the Mattamy phone number listed in John’s article. Let them know how you feel about their attempt to hi-jack our village’s 201 yr old name.

  3. Peter Tranter says:

    Unfortunately, Mattamy doesn’t answer its phone, and they don’t return messages when you leave your name and number. If they wish to be good corporate citizens of our 200 year old community, they’ll change the name.

  4. Marilyn says:

    I completely agree with you. Mattamy has to find an alternate name, it would be very confusing.

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