Richmond Town Hall: Residents seek leadership, innovation and action

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  1. Tom Louks says:

    On the topic of paying more now, for bi-weekly garbage pick up than we used to for weekly. I believe your article should have pointed out that Moffat clearly proved, through cost specifics, that Brown’s perception on that point was mistaken.

    • Thanks for the observation. Moffatt led off the reply to the question about weekly summer garbage collection. Brown’s reply to the question about weekly pickup is where Brown raised the issue of what is paid now for what he maintains is reduced service. My notes from the meeting didn’t capture any clear cost specifics from Moffatt. As the issue was more of a do you or don’t you support weekly garbage collection in the summer the key answers were the support / no support responses as reported.

      • Tom Louks says:

        I believe that if you review the video record of the meeting you will see that Mr. Moffat quoted exact dollar figure comparisons for the previous weekly pickups and the current bi-weekly. That comparison showed a marked savings with the bi-weekly. The discrepancy in Mr. Brown’s understanding was also raised from the floor by Wendy Ryan.

  2. Richmond Resident says:

    Q- Where is the link to the video of the entire debate?
    Others need to see it as there were only ~100 people who attended.

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