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Richmond Legion – are you a possible member or volunteer?

submitted by Brian Goss

[dropcap]E[/dropcap]Each level of the legion sets up standing committees to carry out specific duties as specified by the by-laws and by the executive committees, to which they make regular reports.  The legion, a non-profit, dues-supported organization is currently looking for new members and volunteers.

Each Branch has Committee groups headed by a Chair for the purpose of organizing Branch and Community activities, for maintaining the Branch property, providing funds for donations, the Poppy Fund and local Community services.

Branch Meetings

  1. The General Meeting is the senior authority of the Branch
  2. The Executive Committee is the administrative body of the Branch
  3. The Executive Committee reports to the governing body for approval of its activities
  4. The method of reporting is through minutes of meetings.

Composition of Branch 625 Richmond

The Branch Executive Committees consists of the following:

  • President
  • Vice President (s)
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • Immediate Past President
  • Election or appointed members

In accordance with the Provincial Branch By-Laws and Branch Regulations:

  • The positions of President, Vice President (s), and Immediate Past President are identified as Senior Elected Officers
  • The positions of Secretary, Treasurer are identified in the Branch Regulations as either elected or appointed and are considered Officers of the Branch
  • The offices of Branch Chairman, Branch Service Officer, Chaplain or Sergeant-At-Arms may be either elected or appointed.
  • The appointment of any office is made by the President for ratification of the Executive Committee and subsequent approval of the General Membership.

Committee Chairs and current needs:

The following are the possible Committee Chairs available to a Branch depending upon size and requirements of the Branch. Not all positions at Branch 625 Richmond are filled and the Branch is entering a recruitment process for volunteers. Should non-members of the Legion wish to assist in any of the Committee Chairs, their participation is welcomed.  A future article will describe each Committee and list sponsorships and donations by the Local Branch.

Bar – appointed (needs bartenders with Smart Serve)

Bursary – appointed (applications)

Bulletin – appointed (require articles, etc. to publish)

Cenotaph – appointed (care of cenotaph and flowers surroundings)

Chaplain – appointed

Hall Rentals – appointed (scheduling of rentals, NFP use, etc)

Membershipappointed (methods of recruiting)

Poppy – appointed (volunteers needed for door-to-door, local stores, etc.)

Property – appointed

Public Relations – volunteer (needs volunteers with current social media talents)

Sick & Visiting – appointed (includes visits to nursing homes, hospital and homes)

Sports – appointed (includes coordinating Branch, Zone, District Euchre, Darts, Cribbage competition) (establish a Junior Dart League)

Youth – appointed (over 300-400 applications for Remembrance posters, poems, essays etc.) (youth sponsorships)

Track & Field – vacant (establish interest at  local High School for athletics)

Ways & Means – appointed (needs volunteers for fund raising, special events, catering etc. and suggestions for events)

Long Range Planning – by committee (uses for vacant acre at rear of Legion; finish (decorate) east wall of the hall)

Legion Seniors – currently combined with Club 55

Club 55 Liaison – appointed (see Seniors)

Solicitations – combined Branch & Club 55 (determine our donations to local and regional organizations)

Training & Development – vacant

Club 55

Club 55 is a group within our branch for anyone over 55 years of age. You do not have to be a legion member to join. The Club now has 61 members.The club has its own executive and committees responsible for a range of activities, including organizing card games such as 500 and euchre, arranging entertainment for the various branch functions, organizing the daily coffee hour and the thrice weekly exercise classes and bi-weekly movies. All these activities are open to the community – no membership required.Our telephone committee is responsible for notifying the membership about special events whenever necessary. On occasion, the club has out of town excursions that are very popular and when space permits, non-members are invited to join us. Every June we have our annual fun day which includes indoor and outdoor games as well as a special lunch.  The meeting in December is our catered Christmas Luncheon complete with gift giving and Santa.

Club 55 has its own fund-raising activities, donates to various charitable organizations and to the branch itself. We also support the branch in their various events and activities.  Our meetings are held on the first Thursday in a month on a quarterly basis at 10am.

Membership is open to everyone!