Richmond HUB Welcomes Carissa Fortin

It is a pleasure to introduce our readers to Carissa Fortin, grade 12 student at South Carleton High School.  Carissa will be developing her journalistic skills as she undertakes a co-op assignment with the HUB this semester.

Carissa is a creative, energetic and friendly person passionate about reading, writing and participating in school events / clubs. Over the short term Carissa is focused on achieving her goals at school while being more involved in her community and finding time to attend more events like Bluesfest.  After getting her diploma she has set her sights on post secondary education, gaining job experience and possibly, world travel. To accomplish this journey she has quite rightly noted the challenge of looking after herself in both mind / body and spirit.

Carissa’s writing is sure to provide readers an interesting and youthful viewpoint on a broad range of issues. Welcome to the HUB Carissa!

John Shearer

What It Is Like To Be A High School Student In The 21st Century: My Experience

By: Carissa Fortin

PPicture this : You are a teenager. You are entering high school for the first time in your life. There are feelings of anxiousness and excitement. You step into this new world much like a toddler taking their first steps. In middle school, you ruled the halls. Now, you’re in grade 9. The bottom of the totem pole is where you find yourself. You no longer have a position of power. Senior students look down upon you.

You wander around your new surroundings as if in a story looking for food and shelter. You show up late to your class. You memorize your schedule. Eventually you develop a routine of sorts. The teacher finally learns your name. You make friends and you find your “crowd” or “squad”.

As a high school student, I have been able to experience so many things. When I look back upon my experience in grade 9, I remember that first week with mixed feelings. Every year, there is a barbeque for grade 9 students. At that barbeque, I had a decision to make. I could either be the introverted kid with a small group of friends. Or I could be that person who has a big group of friends. And in 5 minutes, I made a decision. I went around to every person / group and introduced myself. That one singular moment shaped how I entered high school. And while I can’t say I became friends with all those people, I don’t regret that moment for a single second.  Three years later, I’ve become friends with some of those people. I have found my crowd. I still have moments where I get shy in large groups of people. If high school has taught me something it is that you don’t have to define yourself by any one label. You can be whoever you want to be.

During my four years of high school, I immersed myself in activities. I joined clubs, like Drama Club, Student Council and Sources Of Strength. I took many leadership opportunities. I joined Link Crew and went every year to Leadership Camp. These activities have shaped parts of my personality. I don’t think my personality is by any means done changing.  Three years later and I’m still finding activities both at school and outside school that I love to do.  While I still haven’t figured out exactly who I want to be, I can say that I’ve come a long way since grade 9. When I think of who I was back then to who I am now, I can’t believe the difference.

Throughout my 4 years, I have learned many life lessons. High School has taught me that while grades are important, it’s OK to have fun. As long as there is a balance between both. I have also learned that friends may come and go but new friends are always right around the corner. High school also taught me that you should get involved in whatever you can. Helping people is one way to do this. Try to offer help as much as you can and then in turn, you will be offered help.

As Albert Einstein once said, “ Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school.” That is all for now. Keep reading every week to hear more! This is your new student writer, signing off! Over and Out!


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  1. Ella says:


  2. Adeola says:

    Nice article Carissa! Can’t wait for more!

  3. Beverley Young says:

    A great first article Carissa! I will share it with my granddaughter who will enter grade nine this coming September.

  4. Tricia Fortin says:

    This truly reflects your 4 years at South Carleton. Well done and be proud of yourself as we are of you

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