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Raising the Roof on Medical Care

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]It is hard to miss the rapidly rising structure of the new Richmond Oaks Medical Centre on Perth Street. The centre holds the promise of a new level of medical service for residents of the area coupled with a new pharmacy, physiotherapy services and laboratory services.  As the centre and population grows provision has also been made for expansion.

Donna Sarrazin recognized the need for increased services in the area and took the initiative to conceive and promote the project.  She can take credit for igniting much of what is happening.  She worked tirelessly to bring together investors, the medical community and businesses to make this project a reality.

In order to staff the new clinic Sarrazin recruited nine doctors who currently practice from the offices of the Richmond Goulbourn Medical Clinic.  Doctors L.M. and H.R. Rabb faithfully served the community for years from the existing clinic. The old facility served the community well but is now inadequate for the needs of a growing community.

With a patient roster of 7000 served by the new medical staff the degree to which increased services were needed has been amply demonstrated. While the Medical Centre is not currently taking new patients there is a plan to welcome up to another 4000 patients when the new space is available.  According to Sarrazin new contracts are being signed for June when two more doctors and a pediatrician will join the staff bringing the total complement to twelve.

Along with the new facility and additional staff it will be possible to offer evening and weekend hours as well as “walk-in” services for patients of the clinic.

Kim Pijselman giving the project a thumbs up despite the weather!

Kim Pijselman, owner of Cedarstone Homes and a well known builder in Richmond, is constructing the Medical Centre.

“Weather has been a factor but I am hopeful the structure will be ready by the end of May. All the infrastructure and asphalt is in place.  Even the pads are in for the next two facilities. The final landscaping will of course have to wait until spring. It is going to be a first rate facility” stated Pijselman

Pijselman is quick to give high praise to his framing team from Cedarstone as well as a host of well known local contractors such as Thomas Cavanagh Construction and Westborough Utilities for their quality work on the project.

For those interested you can follow construction progress on Facebook here.

The new Richmond Oaks Medical Centre will be a welcome addition to the community of Richmond.  Given the cramped quarters at the current location it is a pretty safe bet that nobody will be more pleased to see the new facility open than the patients and staff who are “ready to move as soon as the new building opens!!”