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Post Office & Library Support Richmond200

[dropcap]R[/dropcap]Richmond’s Post Office as well as our Public Library have taken the initiative to support the 200th Anniversary of Richmond. When you are taking mail to the post office, Cydney Green who chairs the 200th working group hopes everyone will ask staff to put the commemorative cancellation stamp with the Richmond 200 logo on their mail. Cydney says “Just another way to to show support within the community.  Thank you to Sheila Newland, Norma Greene and the Richmond Post Office!”

In support of the approaching celebration, Barbara Bottriell of the Goulbourn Historical Society has worked with the Richmond Public Library to mount a new photo exhibit featuring 8 historical photos of Richmond.  Produced by the Goulbourn Historical Society, it is one of the ways the Society and the Library is helping to celebrate Richmond’s 200th anniversary.  The photo exhibit will hang on the Library’s Artspace wall until the end of June.  There are two laminated information sheets on the filing cabinet underneath the exhibit that tell something of interest about each of the photos.  There is also a display of historical items on open shelves nearby.  Check out the exhibit next time you visit the Library!