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New Years Eve Gala Launches Bi-Centennial Year of Celebration

New Years Eve Gala sets the bar high for 2018 celebrations!

It was a blast!  That’s the resounding conclusion of all who attended the gala that ushered in the launch of Richmond’s bi-centennial year of celebration.  And what an evening it was!

The Duke, John Hartin

The Duke, John Hartin, a former Richmond resident, resplendent in his finest military dress opened the door for the guests as they arrived. With music by The Cougar Chick Tribute Band, cocktails at 6:00pm, a three course meal, 4 menu selections, party favours and a cash bar the revelry was well underway long before midnight.  A highlight of the evening was a photo booth where nearly everyone took the opportunity to capture the moment on film.  Suffice it to say lots of memories were captured as the countdown to Richmond’s 200th anniversary began!

Comments back to the organizers after the event speak for themselves:

“I am sending an extra special thank you to you, the organizing committee, decorators, chiefs, cleaners , bar-tenders, bus drivers etc., for “ the magical New Years Eve Party “, that you all created!!  We just so enjoyed every minute.  I had salmon, which was terrific .  The Hall was transformed with the detailed decorations.  The band was absolutely amazing and if people had any trepidation about an all female band, they had their eyes opened!  We had so much fun with our friends, and kudos to Brenda & Andy Hall, for supporting their community and suggesting “ the Gala”!

***Warm Wishes for 2018, Joan & Rick Sands***

A Lively Crowd!
The beat went on & on & on …!

Congratulations on an extremely successful New Years Eve Gala! All of your hard work and planning created a memory that we will all cherish! Oh my… many are saying it was their best New Years eve ever! The hall looked amazing, the detail you added for decor, even in the bathrooms was noticed by all! The Richmond arena hall was decked out in style! The food was terrific-great salad, the beef was delicious and dessert was excellent too.  Pre-drinks, appetizers, wine and champagne were great – Hats off to the caterer! And the music…wow – the Cougar Chicks rocked it – many of us danced more than ever before! —-2018 sure did look great when it lit up!!

Anyway- I know the responsibilities of volunteer work… just wanted to pass on that this event goes down in history as best ever for me too! Thanks so much for all your hard work-it was a pleasure to assist!
***Cheers, Melody Murison ***

The Cougar Chick Tribute Band

Congratulations.  I cannot think of one thing that could have changed to make this party more special.  The 200 Anniversary Gala was a tremendous success and makes me very proud to be part of Richmond history. Your success, … the hard work and pride you take living in Richmond. Thanks for being you.


Thanks for a wonderful party!


Cydney Green, Maryan Wammes & Sheila Coughlin

Congratulations ladies to you and your team for a wonderfully successful event. My entire table loved every minute as did everyone else I spoke to. You managed to transform the Community Centre (including the washrooms 😀) into a festive wonderland. The meal was delicious and the band superb. The complimentary photo booth was a particularly nice touch.  All in all, a great way to start the 200 celebrations.

Best regards, ***Sylvia***

Andrew Van Dam got very busy eventually!

There was even a tribute to the organizers from Tribute Band member and former Richmond resident Ornella Smilovich-Kennedy:

“ I am so happy that everyone had fun.  We certainly did.  It was a great party over all and everyone I talked to was so impressed with the band.   Frankly, I was pleasantly surprised that the dance floor was full from start to finish and an encore to boot!!!  Thank you so very much for having us.

Cydney Green and Maryan Wammes extend their thanks and that of Richmond as a whole to all the volunteers, sponsors and committee members who worked so hard to mount such a special and successful event. “Without volunteers and sponsors events like this simply would not happen.”  A special thank you went out as well to Danby’s for their assistance in making the evening an unqualified success.  Finally, to all in attendance “you can’t have a party without guests, … you  were simply awesome!”

When it all wound up in the wee hours of the mourning there was even a bus to take people safely home. The bar has now been set high.  Richmond knows how to celebrate and this augers well for celebrations yet to come. Residents can look forward to a rewarding and event filled 2018 bi-centennial.  It is bound to be a year to remember!

Visit for details on what is coming next.  The red carpet is being rolled out to everyone to come celebrate with Richmond, just 200 years young.