Moore has seven goals in three wins for Osgoode Richmond Novice Romans

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  1. Phyllis Bohonis says:

    So nice to see minor sports being recognized in print. I remember when our family was young and involved in hockey, figure skating, skiing, etc. our local paper used to cover their events and it was so exciting for them to see their names and the names of their teams in the paper. Articles and pictures were dutifully cut out and pasted in scrap books by kids and grandparents. Then newspaper cut backs began. Thank you for recognizing the young stars of tomorrow.

  2. How wonderful to see minor hockey being recognized. When our family was young my son and his friends would always look to see if their teams and games were mentioned in the newspaper the day after. The scissors would come out and many scrap books updated by the kids or the grandparents. Then newspapers started cutting back and before long only the professional or at best junior level hockey made the sport pages. To an 8- or 12-year-old seeing their games written up and the standings of the teams in the league is as important as who beat who in the NHL. Their leagues are their NHL. Thank you.

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