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Mattamy Homes – 1,025 home subdivision plan

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]The City of Ottawa has received a Draft Plan of Subdivision for 6420 and 6431 Ottawa Street. The proposal is for 848 single family homes, 129 townhouses, 48 back to back townhouses, a 3.75 hectare community park co-located with a 2.48 hectares school block, a 0.8 hectare parkette and 19 public streets. The seven hectares at 6305 Ottawa Street that included the storm pond and flood plain associated with the Jock River no longer forms part of the application for subdivision.

This submission flows from an earlier Plan of Subdivision and Zoning By-law
Amendment submitted in April 2013.  The project was suspended for a period of time by Mattamy and reactivated in the Fall of 2017. Mattamy prepared revised concepts for the subdivision based on evolving market conditions and new
suburban design guidelines at the City of Ottawa with resubmission in May of 2018.

Mattamy’s proposal for development adds a second large development to the lands known as the Western Development Lands.

CAIVAN developments have already launched work on a subdivision known as “Fox Run” which will add up to 750 new homes at full build out.  Taken together with Mattamy’s proposal the total build out of new homes on the western development lands could be 1,775 new homes. This will more than double the population of the village.

Quoting from the planning submission:

The unit count and density distribution have changed since the 2014 submission. The primary cause of the reduction of 144 units is the removal of a 7.08-hectare parcel (6305 Ottawa Street West, referred to as the “Laffin Lands” on the concept plan) from the subdivision area. This has resulted in an overall reconfiguration in the layout of the subdivision.

The proposal features a modest increase in the number of units from 996 to 1,025, compared to a draft concept plan provided to Staff in October 2017. The resubmitted plan features a total of 29 additional units. The increase in units is attributed to:
— The removal of the stormwater management block
As outlined in the submitted servicing report, the stormwater management block is not needed in this location, as drainage will flow northward to the planned pond in the adjacent subdivision to the north.
— The consolidation of two parkette blocks and the removal of a third parkette block
The reconfiguration of the parkettes responds to Staff comments, with the goal to improve access to park spaces and create flexibility in programming. The reconfiguration created a net increase in developable land, creating an opportunity for more units.

While the school, park, and parkette remain part of the proposal, the area of each land use has been modified slightly to accommodate the changes in the subdivision layout.

The plan is currently open for formal written comment with a closing date of August 16.  More details on the proposal as well as how and where to comment are contained on the City’s development application website linked here.