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Jock River Race Returns After Two-Year Hiatus

After a two-year hiatus due to COVID-19, the Jock River Race is back.

This year’s race will take place Sat., April 16.

The 12.5km race through the Richmond Fen is one of the area’s great springtime adventures.

All paddlers including canoes, kayaks, SUPs, voyageur boats and others are welcome to race. Whether you’re a seasoned marathoner or just want to try it out this race is for you.  Racing experience is not required, simply a desire to join a fun event and to get an early put-in on the water.

The start area for this 12.5 km (7.8 mile) section of the Jock River is on the Munster Rd. about 2 km south of the Franktown Rd.

The last Jock River Race was held in 2019. The popular springtime event returns this month. photo/Front Page Media

A few minutes downstream there is a shallow rapid followed shortly by an easy chute of fast water. Open fields and the occasional farmhouse mark the next few kms before several sharp bends signal the beginning of the “Richmond Fen”, an interesting and rather eerie wetland.  The first appearance of the railway marks the end of the fen, and the river widens considerably.

Shortly after passing the Trans-Canada Pipeline a long Class I rapid awakens your adrenaline. The church spires of Richmond now come into view, followed by another long set of class I rapids which require some maneuvering to avoid rocks. From the end of these rapids the orange buoy marking the finish line at the Jock River Park is a welcome sight.

The Jock River Race saw its beginning in 1971 as a whitewater race on the lower Jock River near Manotick. Starting the first year with modest participation, the race quickly grew into one of the more popular races in the province of Ontario. In the year 2000, the race had moved to its current location on the calmer waters of the upper Jock.

In recent years, the number of entries has hovered around 130 canoes and kayaks with over 200 paddlers taking part! The majority of entries fall into the recreational boat category with a few competitive racing C1s and C2s known to start their season off on the Jock River.  Also included are Parent/Child and Family categories to encourage participation of younger racers to help the sport grow within the next generation of paddlers.

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