Infrastructure fees for new Richmond homes passed on to new homeowners

By Manotick Messenger Staff

The cost of infrastructure and servicing for future homes on Richmond’s Western Development Lands will be paid for by landowners.

The City of Ottawa Agriculture and Recreation Committee approved the cost-sharing amendment at a meeting earlier in the fall.

“There was some confusion when this notice went out, and it’s important to note this does not impact current home owners,” Rideau-Goulbourn Councillor Scott Moffatt said. “This is only for future lands.”

Moffatt said that the charges are paid by the developers, who in turn add it to the price of each new home.

“The same thing happened with the homes being built now when they were sold,” Moffatt said.

The landowners cost-sharing agreement will affect parcels of land on 6335, 6350 and 6363 Perth Street, as well as 6305, 6420 and 6431 Ottawa Street, as well as associated unaddressed parcels of land. These addresses are located at the western edge of the Village of Richmond north and south of the two streets. The policies direct development to proceed on municipal servicing, and shared stormwater management facilities and parks.

Water in the new developments will provided by a public communal well system. Wastewater will be connected to the central wastewater collection system.

Currently, there is one phase of a subdivision approved within the Western Development Lands. The Developer was obligated to dedicate and construct a park, upgrade the Martin Street Sewer, install a municipal water well facility, and design and install the first part of a stormwater management pond.