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Grow Your Own Club offered by the Richmond Community 4H Club

submitted by Cindy Brown

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[dropcap]T[/dropcap]The Richmond Community 4H Club will be offering the Grow Your Own Club where you will learn about fruits, vegetables and herbs, and how to grow your own. We will be planting our own seedlings, tracking their growth, doing hands on projects that can be displayed at home.  We will also be enjoying the “fruits of our labour” in delicious recipes!

Here are some of the activities we have planned:

  • Plant seedlings in egg cartons and other small containers to transplant in your own garden
  • Make and take home a terrarium
  • Make and taste recipes using vegetables, fruits and herbs
  • Visit a nursery or horticulture club
  • Make a rain gauge
  • Dehydrate fruits, vegetables and herbs for storage using a dehydrator and then eating them!
  • Assist the seniors at Richmond Lodge with planting their garden in their community garden box
  • Participate in planting and caring for vegetables in the Community Garden Box at the Dining Hall for the Richmond Food Bank
  • Guest speaker from the Richmond Fair Board to talk about judging vegetables
  • Grow your name on a pumpkin!

Lots of hands-on things to do!

The Grow Your Own Club will have approximately 6-7 meetings and will take place from Wednesday, March 20 and continue over the summer so that we can maintain our plants and harvest them as they grow.  Therefore, there is ample time for members to participate in other clubs during the spring/summer.

Meeting 1: Wednesday, March 20

Meeting 2: Wednesday, March 27

Meeting 3: Wednesday, April 10

Meeting 4: May, day to be determined as we will be planting our seedlings

Meeting 5: June, day to be determined

Meeting 6: July, day to be determined

Meeting 7: August, Achievement Day, day to be determined  

Contact Cindy Brown to register for the club and to receive further details. Everyone is welcome. Members must be a minimum of 9 years old as of January 1, 2019.  The fee is $85 per year and once the fee is paid, a member can join as many clubs throughout 2019 as they wish.  See below for more information about 4H.

Cindy Brown

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What is 4H?

4-H is a non-profit positive youth development organization that spans 70 countries across the world and 10 provinces across Canada. For over a century, 4-H Ontario has been working to build youth as leaders within their communities and assets to the world. With roots in rural Ontario, today 4-H Ontario is open to all youth across the province of all backgrounds. In 4-H, youth ages 9–21 and screened, engaged volunteer leaders come together to learn about selected topics through fun hands-on activities and mentorship. There are also provincial camps, conferences, competitions and national and international travel opportunities available to further develop skills in leadership, business, self-confidence and more. 4-H provides youth with a place they can be involved, accepted, valued and heard while developing valuable leadership and life skills. 

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For more information about the Richmond Community 4H Club, please visit or contact Cindy Brown at 613-838-3081, email

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