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Great Richmond Potty Caper Supporting Richmond Legacy Pavilion

“YOU HAVE BEEN CHOSEN”…. With these four words the Richmond Legacy Community Assoc. has recently kicked off what may be the wackiest, craziest and perhaps most hilarious fund raising stunt in the Village’s 205 years existence.

This novel and unprecedented event is raising funds for the construction of a multi functional community pavilion for both public and private events in the Village of Richmond.

A video ( has been released and a poster created (scroll on which describes the Great Richmond Potty Caper in greater detail. A caper which will impact local residents, to raise awareness, inspire community spirit and hopefully create a few laughs along the way. It is hoped Richmond residents will happily respond and play along with the caper, all for a greater community cause.

If the potty appears on your lawn, you can donate $20 to have the potty removed and to be added to the “do not redeliver” list. For an additional $20, you can have the potty delivered to the yard of your choice.

For more information on the Richmond Community Pavilion please visit