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Great Richmond Potty Caper Raises $4500 For Community Pavilion

The Great Richmond Potty Caper has come to an end.

During the summer, the Richmond Legacy Community Association kicked off the wackiest, craziest and perhaps most hilarious fund raising stunt in the Village’s 205 years existence. This novel event, The Great Potty Caper was planted on the front lawns of 78 lucky Richmond residents who combined to raise $2900 for the construction of a multi functional community pavilion for both public and private events in the Village of Richmond.

(Note: All are invited to inspect the pavilion currently under construction in the Richmond Fairgrounds.)

The continual pickup and delivery of the potty throughout the village was done with the generosity of Lawn & Order of Richmond. The committee wishes to express their appreciation and gratitude Wade and Kevin Bradford for their support.

A special thank you is also extended to Mike Harvey, owner of Harvey Sheds, who was a supporter of the pavilion and the highest bidder in the potty give away auction. Adding his winning bid of $1600, the total amount of $4500 made the potty caper one of the pavilion’s most successful fundraising events.

More importantly the potty caper raised pavilion awareness, inspired the community and created many memorable moments… only has to marvel at all the creative and weird potty accessories residents added as personal touches!

For more information on the Richmond Community Pavilion please visit

Featured Image: Mike Harvey from Harvey Sheds was a big supporter of the Great Richmond Potty Caper.