Great-Great-Great Grandmother’s Quilt circa 1860-75 found to contain 30,850 hand quilted pieces!

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  1. Sue Dewar says:

    Great job, Alison! A lot of hard work and planning went into this event, so glad there were so many rewarding results. A super project!

  2. What an amazing opportunity to spend time with the Richmond 200 project supporters as they documented quilts April 20th and discovered for themselves the breadth of the community’s collection of amazing quilts… I was honored to be a part of the days and sharing the talk, training and time with the documenters on April 20th. Do keep the momentum going and community of Richmond – bring out the beautiful and historic quilts! We all want to see and love them along with you!
    Bethany Garner
    Eastern Ontario Quilt Documentation Project Coordinator
    [email protected]

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