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From senior to senior: R.O.S.S.S. members reminisce about their days at South Carleton High School

by Katiana Zubryn

RICHMOND — Bridging a multi-generational gap, students of South Carleton’s Writers’ Club were able to meet with some of the school’s former students, as well as other members of a local senior citizens’ group. Friday, May 11th, the writers invited the seniors for an afternoon to discuss their stories, including those about South Carleton decades ago.

Among these was long-time Richmond resident, Doug Nixon. Graduate of the class of 1963, he “wish[es] that there would have been a school concert band,” so he could have had the opportunity to learn an instrument when he was a student at South Carleton High School.

Seniors & Seniors working together …

Doug finds that “almost everything has changed,” since he walked the halls of South Carleton. He wishes that he would have had the opportunity to choose some of the recent additions to South’s course selections, such as cooking, music, and technology classes.

Another former student, Ray Lalonde, who graduated in 1959, wishes he could have “been more interested and paid more attention in school.” He feels as though he was “more invested in girls” than his studies; however, he still looks back fondly on the friendships he had at South.

Both Doug and Ray have seen a lot of change in their former school; the addition of the library, the diversification of the student population, and the implementation of technology are all things they believe will make South Carleton a more enjoyable place to learn.

Not only do the students benefit from these changes, but R.O.S.S.S. members are similarly involved in the events of the school. R.O.S.S.S., which stands for Rural Ottawa South Support Services, organizes day trips for many seniors in the Ottawa area, including the performances and spirit days at South Carleton. Marion[?], who moved to Ottawa to be nearer to her daughter, “[gets] upset when [she] mis[ses] an event at South Carleton,” and feels that she is “so lucky to be integrated in the school.”

The students of the South Carleton Writers’ Club continue to meet every Friday for lunch, and hope to reconnect with the seniors in the future. For more information on joining R.O.S.S.S., go to