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  1. Wanda Brown says:

    Great news. Happy to hear new homes coming to our community. We have to grow.

  2. Sue Walker says:

    My fear is the communal well they tried this in Calgary and when the well dried up it left the city with a 8 million dollar tab and home with no water over a year what is you response to this and what will happen to the single lane roads in and out of town with the doubling of population

    • Hub Staff says:

      Always valid concerns. I can’t provide solid assurances as I am not an engineer or connected to the development but the Richmond Village Association did challenge these very points several years ago. My understanding is the well will go into the deep Nepean aquifer and will have the capacity if needs be to supply the entire village. The Nepean aquifer has tremendous capacity and currently services a number of large communities in eastern Ontario. Most of our single home wells draw from an aquifer closer to the surface. As for the roads, the traffic studies required by the City prior to the approval of the subdivision indicated there was sufficient capacity. There will however be upgrades to Perth in the immediate vicinity of the development when later phases of the development are launched.

  3. kelly anderson says:

    Hopefully the homes will not be as close together as the 2 model homes are, no reason for this in the country except greed

  4. Judy Porteous says:

    I have to admit I’m very disappointed. You can make the homes as pretty as you like, but it does not change the fact that they have been allowed to be built so close. I thought they were townhouses! There is no reason for this other than profit. Unfortunately it looks like the Village of Richmond will just become another Barrhaven.

  5. Bill Eggertson says:

    A pity that the city did not require above-average energy efficiency in these new homes. The average household consumes 32,000 kWh-e of energy, most of it in space heating from fossil fuels, and emits 8,700 pounds of carbon each year as a result. Most new residents will commute into downtown and exacerbate this CO2 emission, so doubling the size of Richmond will have a significant impact on our environment.
    It could have been much cleaner …

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