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Fox Day at South Carleton High School

by Carissa Fortin

Melissa Potter (left) & Katie Wilcox making history

[dropcap]S[/dropcap]Students and teachers waited. Running. Standing about. Waiting to make history happen. They stood, enjoying hot dogs and other foods. The day was May 16th, 2018 and there was a feeling of excitement in the air. It tasted like possibility. With that attitude, it felt like anything could happen. That morning, as the students raced forth to classes during second period break, the song ringing in their ears was that of the popular 2014 song, “ What Does The Fox Say ” by Ylvis. Now, why a fox, you might ask?

Thea Regimbal

Well, for that, we must look at a small part of Richmond’s history. Back in 1819, when the town was founded, the Duke of Richmond was the Governor General Of Canada. He was bitten by a rabid fox and died in a frame barn on Chapman’s farm, about 4 miles from the village, on the Goodwood river. This river is now well – known to South students and Richmond residents as the Jock River. After helping with the planning for Fox Day, I decided to write an article about it.  I sent 6 questions to one of the teachers who helps run Student Council. Here is what she said in response to the questions:

  • Why is Fox Day so important?

Response: Richmond is turning 200 this year.  We decided to dress like foxes to commemorate our town.

  • Why is it so important that this goes in Guinness?

Response: Why not? Doesn’t everyone want to have a record???

  • Do you think that this is the biggest event that Student Council has ever done?

Response: We also run the Oscars which brings 250 students out to celebrate each other. For the fox event, we were very lucky to have our hot dogs donated by Sobey’s in Kanata.  This really drew in a good crowd and served as an incentive to get everyone excited to dress up for the event.

  • Do you think that the students know the story behind the logo of the fox?

Response: If they didn’t…they will soon.  We have written a story about it in the yearbook.

  • How many Students did you think would dress up?

Response: I will have to count, but I think that we may have got it, if not, we were close!

  • Now that fox day is over, are you surprised by the number of students and staff that dressed up?

Response: I was super impressed with the number of staff who really owned the project and got their classes to participate.  The teachers who helped with the set up and the hot dog preparation and the awesome costumes that the kids wore were incredible…it was such a fantastic day.

As I sat on the grass watching people gather among the growing crowd and find their friends, I was overwhelmed with what I saw. So many students and staff were dressed up. It was incredible to watch. As an observer it was great to see the variety of the costumes. People were pushing to be at the front of the crowd. The person taking the picture was standing on the roof so that he could get the picture, closely monitored by one of the janitors so that he didn’t fall off.  The hot dogs, they were amazing!! I’m excited to see what else Student Council can cook up for the rest of this school year!

I’ll leave you all with this quote by Thomas Fuller: “ With foxes, we must play the fox. ” That is all for now.