Destroyed, Ignored and Unacceptable

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  1. Wendy says:

    Just terrible that it is the 200th Anniversary celebration year for Richmond and the welcome sign has been down for a year! Disgraceful City of Ottawa!!

  2. Alison Tranter says:

    could those patches of grass in the medians at the entries to Richmond be planted with the purple and white flowers that we are all being encouraged to have in our gardens?

    • That would be a great plan! The flowers could no doubt be acquired but the ongoing challenge is to identify a volunteer with a means of transporting water to water and look after them.

  3. Alison Tranter says:

    Who is it that has a truck and waters the hanging baskets on McBean? Perhaps the medians could be included? Is there a garden club in town…sadly my thumb is brown!

  4. Rosemary Clarke says:

    Where is this actually located? I searched google maps and Google Street-view and cannot place it.

  5. Hub Staff says:

    Rubble has been cleared except for one post … no word on a replacement/repair date.

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