Deal with Mattamy will fast-track Richmond’s sewer infrastructure

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The City of Ottawa Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee has recommended staff enter into an agreement with Mattamy Limited that would see the developer pay the City to build sanitary sewer infrastructure for the Village of Richmond earlier than planned.

According to the city, development within the village is limited by the need to upgrade the Richmond Village Sanitary Pump Station, a project that is currently underway, and to add a second sanitary line along Eagleson Road. The City has plans to add that line, but not until 2026. An agreement with Mattamy would allow that work to proceed much sooner, providing enough capacity within the village to allow further development in Richmond to proceed.

Mattamy would pay the City more than $11.6 million to install 5.9 kilometres of sanitary sewer, work that would also benefit existing residents by improving system capacity and preventing overflow. Mattamy would be reimbursed for its investment through a special area development charge, to be paid quarterly as it’s collected, and from the city’s sewer reserves, to be paid in 2026.

The Richmond Village Sanitary Pump Station upgrade design is underway, and construction is anticipated to be completed by the second quarter of 2022. This upgrade will provide enough capacity to allow approved developments in the Village of Richmond to proceed.

Mattamy (Jock River) Limited has applications for subdivision development in the Village of Richmond with the City of Ottawa for approval which are being placed on hold due to the limited available capacity both pre- and post-Richmond Sanitary Pump Station improvements. In order to increase sanitary flow capacity over and above the Richmond Village Sanitary Pump Station upgrade to allow further development in the Village of Richmond, 5.9 kilometres of additional 600-millimetre diameter sanitary forcemain, running parallel to the existing 500-millimetre diameter forcemain needs to be constructed.

While this 600-millimetre diameter forcemain twinning of the existing forcemain is not for the entire length to the Glen Cairn Trunk Sewer in Kanata, it will reconnect to the existing forcemain, which will provide for additional capacity for Mattamy (Jock River) Limited to develop. The option to complete the remaining portion of the twinning of the existing forcemain will be when further development pressures and funding levels are defined.

Recommendations from the Sept. 3 Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee meeting were scheduled to be discussed at City Council on Wed., Sept. 9.

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  1. Peter Tranter says:

    There are many references to the Village of Richmond in the article. Is the reference to the real village that has been here for over 200 years, or to the massive development that Mattamy is pursuing and is insultingly calling Richmond Village? If Mattamy and the city can agree to a multi-million dollar sewage project, perhaps a little time and effort could be expended to come up with a less ridiculous name for the housing project.

    • Peter, from what I understood watching the meeting and reading the information package, the “Village of Richmond” refers to the entire village. The deal will facilitate the development in the entire west end of the village including the Caivan and Metric homes, not just the Mattamy development. Caivan actually has an appeal of the City Development By-law charges on the table right now, but that appeal is expected to be withdrawn with the passing of this agreement between Mattamy and the City. As for the name of their development, I don’t think anyone will disagree with you on that one! Hope this helps clarify. Jeff

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