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Community rallies to support families of crash victims

By Jeff Morris

The community has rallied to support two families in the wake of a tragedy that claimed the life of a South Carleton High School student and left another injured.

Ian Goddard, a 14-year-old ninth grade student, was killed in a tragic accident at the corner of Franktown Road and Munster Road, just west of Richmond, on April 18. His classmate, Jayden Corrigan, was seriously injured. After the accident, friends of the two families organized GoFundMe campaigns that raised tens of thousands of dollars.

“This was a horrible tragedy, but seeing how the community rallied for these families was a silver lining in a very dark cloud,” said Kelly Watson, who helped organize the GoFundMe for the Corrigan family. “The amount of love and support shown by the community has been overwhelming.”

The GoFundMe for the Goddard family was organized by Laura Doane with support from Janet Fisher. They set a goal to raise $15,000 for the family to help with funeral costs, counselling, time off work, and other costs. In less than a week, the GoFundMe drive was shut down after more than $37,000 was raised for the family.

A memorial was made for Ian Goddard at Franktown and Munster Roads.

“For those who knew and loved Ian, this news is absolutely devastating as he was only 14 years old and was one of the sweetest kids imaginable,” wrote Doane. “He had the most infectious smile, a personality that could lift anyone’s darkest day and most of all, he had a whole life ahead of him.

“In this time of mourning, I am hoping we can all come together to help the Goddard family. I have learned over the years that they are always the first to help anyone in need. Whether it be someone close, or a complete stranger, Ian’s parents, Monique and Brant, are always the first to want to help.  That is their way.  They have the kindest hearts and it is a true testament as to why Ian grew to be the amazing, loveable kid that he was.”

A hydro pole at the corner of where the accident happened has turned into a makeshift memorial for the young hockey player and dirt bike enthusiast.

“This has not been easy and our hearts will be forever crushed by Ian’s passing, at the same time, our hearts and spirits have been lifted by the many friends, community members (and even strangers), that have generously offered their time and money to help us,” wrote Ian Goddard’s parents, Brant Goddard and Monique Laroque, as a thank you to the community on the GoFundMe page.

“The tribute parade on Saturday was very special to us, and we want to thank those who created this for our family. Since we cannot do the traditional funeral service, this was a very touching and thoughtful way to bid Ian farewell and we want to thank everyone who participated. While it brought us to tears, we were so humbled seeing how very much our boy was loved and adored. The Tomlinson trucks coming up behind the cars, giving 6 honks for Ian as they passed was something we’ll never forget. The whole thing was truly amazing, thank you.”

Jayden Corrigan, 15, was hospitalized with extensive injuries and heartbroken over the loss of his close friend. The GoFundMe campaign for the family was set up to deal with unexpected expenses including trips to the hospital, parking, eating on the run and future expenses including rehabilitation.

“We originally set the goal at $8,000, but within 24 hours, we had raised more than $10,000,” said Watson. “We reset the goal for $15,000, and we shut down the donations after one week.”

The GoFundMe page raised more than $23,000. There are also 15 truckloads of empties collected in a bottle drive by Watson’s daughter, Logan, and her boyfriend, Dylan Bziadyk. The money from the bottle drive will be split between the two families once the bottles were cashed in.

“It is heartwarming to see how people responded,” Watson said, saying that there were individuals, businesses, minor hockey associations and churches that all donated. “The amazing thing is that many people doubled up and donated to both funds.”

Watson said that although it was the saddest of tragedies, the community was there to support two families in need.

“This has already been a difficult time because of COVID-19,” Watson said. “People want to do something to make a difference.”