CARDEL Homes Continues “Free Offer” to Richmond Residents – Help Keep the JOCK Clean

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]It is spring again and the increased flows of water saturating the ground threaten the Jock through the sanitary sewer serving Richmond. When the sanitary sewer system reaches critical levels raw sewage must be pumped elsewhere. Last year it went directly into the Jock river!

You might rightly ask how this can happen.  One source of increased flow is ground water seeping into the system’s pipes and lateral connections to our homes. There is not a lot that can be done about that. A second source is believed to be non-conforming (illegal) connections of sump pumps to sanitary sewer pipes in some homes.  You can easily imagine when the system is overflowing that every liter of ground water pumped into the system from your home produces 1 liter of mixed raw sewage water needing to be released from the pumping station.  A typical sump pump running continuously pumps 68 liters per minute.  That is roughly 4,000 liters per hour of potential sewage overflow to the Jock from one pump!

Sump pumps should discharge into a drainage ditch or the storm sewer, not the sanitary sewer. That is the City of Ottawa requirement.

As many readers know, the sanitary system is at capacity and is being upgraded to accommodate planned growth.   That is a good thing and work is underway.

Until such time as that work is completed the City has accepted offers by several developers to identify and correct a sufficient number of “non-conforming” sump pumps to offset projected sewage flows from any proposed development.  This stop-gap measure permitted construction in a number of areas such as the new Richmond Oaks Medical Centre and the plaza at the corner of Shea and Perth.

Creekside by CARDEL Homes at Shea Rd is in need of a few more disconnects to offset projected sewage flows. CARDEL will do the work necessary to re-route qualified non-conforming sump pumps at no charge to the homeowner.

If you suspect you have a non conforming sump pump and want to take advantage of a no-cost correction, feel free to contact Travis Troughton at 613-820-1959 ext 249. Or, e-mail your inquiry to