Informing and engaging area residents


Brunet Enters Race To Become First Councillor Of Rideau-Jock Ward

North Gower resident, Leigh-Andrea Brunet has entered the race to replace outgoing councillor Scott Moffatt in Rideau-Jock Ward 21.

Brunet says it is her love for this area, the unique villages, the rural character and the opportunity to advocate for the residents that drew Leigh-Andrea towards municipal politics.  She will spend her time throughout the summer months learning about the issues that are important to our residents. Brunet plans to spend the summer doing what she calls Pop-Up Politician at parks and community events where she wants to hear from you.

Leigh Andrea Brunet is running for Council in the newly renamed Rideau-Jock Ward.

“I think a lot of the time we feel like our political representatives talk at us, instead of with us and I want to change that,” she said. “It’s important for me to be engaged with communities and learn what matters to you, whether they are big or small scale issues, whether it’s something that needs attention or celebration. I look forward to getting out there this summer; meeting new faces, new community groups and having some great conversations.”

Brunet currently lists several issues of concern.

  • lack of proper infrastructure in Richmond while the village is experiencing rapid growth.
  • Heavy commercial vehicles moving through Manotick. 
  • Protecting agricultural land from urban sprawl and ensuring appropriate development within village boundaries as well as ensuring that development is beneficial to our local communities. 
  • Affordable housing and amenities for seniors in our small communities
  • Protecting our environment and enhancing our remaining green spaces and natural areas.

“My hope is that by spending the next 5 months involved in these conversations and creating relationships with residents and groups, this will set us up to be able to quickly get down to business in November,” she said

With eight small communities within the Rideau-Jock ward, Brunet hopes to create a larger sense of community throughout the ward.  She says she will work to ensure that communication is strong from Munster to Manotick, Ashton to Burrits Rapids and everywhere in between.  She said each community has individual concerns and issues, but feels that these can have an impact beyond village boundaries, and as a ward, we should be collectively paying attention to what is happening with our neighbours.

 “It is my hope that over the next 5 months I will prove to our residents that I am the right choice and the right voice for Rideau-Jock,” she said.

Brunet has launched her campaign website,