Informing and engaging area residents


Brown Humbled, Thankful To Be Ward 21 Councillor

By David Brown, Ward 21 Councillor

Hello everyone! This is my inaugural message to the residents of Ward 21. 

The new term of Council began on November 15th, and I would like to say how thankful and humbled I am to have the privilege of representing our ward and its residents at City Hall. 

I would like to recognize and thank my fellow candidates who joined me in the election process to represent our residents.  I would also like to thank our out-going councillor for his service during his tenure at City Hall.

During the campaign, I promised to hit the ground running, and I have. There are many priorities and a “laundry- list” of items to tackle over the next four years.

I’ve already arranged meetings with City staff on several issues, including: planning files in Richmond, North Gower, and Manotick; the heavy truck traffic issue in Manotick; the 283 OC Transpo bus route serving Munster & Richmond; the 176 OC Transpo bus route serving Manotick; and, roads repairs across the ward.

I am currently in the midst of organizing meetings with every community association in the ward to introduce myself, invite feedback on local issues, and listen to the concerns and needs of each.  I look forward to working with the many volunteers who are so important and work so hard to bring the community together.

I heard a similar message throughout the campaign in every area of the Ward – Be accessible! 

Therefore, I plan to have a constant presence at both the old Goulbourn Townhall building on Huntley Road and at the old Rideau Townhall building on Roger Stevens Drive in North Gower.  I am also inviting residents to connect with my office to arrange meetings on matters of concern, whether it be virtual, in-person or on-site.

As the holidays are approaching, I would like to encourage you to participate in the many community events happening in our ward to celebrate the holiday season.  This is a wonderful way to enjoy our community, meet our neighbours and support our local shops and restaurants. 

I look forward to serving you as your Councillor.  Please feel free to contact my office any time with questions or concerns.

David Brown

Councillor Ward 21