“Biosolids” – and the nasty stuff draining downstream

submitted by Anne Marie LeBrun

LLast October local resident Anne Marie LeBrun brought to the attention of area residents a City practice of spreading  biosolids on agricultural lands.

Last fall Anne Marie asked the Ministry of Environment to test the water coming out of the tile drainage outlets after the biosolids were spread and they obliged her.

As you can see from the table above samples taken on October 29th from two different tile drains show levels of e-coli, cadmium, uranium, chromium and silver (highlighted in pink) that exceed Ministry guidelines.

While this can’t be good the ministry refuses to act, saying that they have “revised” guidelines that now allow higher levels of uranium etc. Interestingly, Anne Marie was also told not to worry, since the drainage ditch is heading out towards Fourth Line and Mud Creek … one can only wonder what the folks downstream think!

The HUB has contacted the Minister of the Environment, Ontario, for clarification regarding the revised Guidelines as well as any comments on follow up testing of water samples from the fields in question. Public Safety is something the Ministry must not permit to be compromised. Stay tuned …

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  1. Dannielle says:

    Wow, scary how easily they can shift the standards. I wonder what the protocol is when results like that show up.

  2. Kevin Hull says:

    We have a Canadian owned technology that can safely deal with biosolids and reduce the burden on the taxpayer in the bargain. We have a commercially operating plant and can prove our claims. The challenge is to get the politicians and bureaucrats to talk to us; we are a disruptive technology that threatens existing relationships in that market.

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