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Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee

ARAC approves zoning amendment to Perth Street development in Richmond

by Jeff Morris, Manotick Messenger

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]The City of Ottawa Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee has approved the amendment of a zoning bylaw for a planned development on Perth Street in Richmond.

The zoning, originally approved through an Ontario Municipal Board settlement, was based on the draft approved subdivision plan. Richmond Village Developments have made some modifications to the plan with the submission of the first phase for the subdivision registration. The line work for the zone boundaries does not match, and an amendment to the zoning maps is required to address that. That first phase includes a park, the storm pond and about 220 single-family lots.

There was one comment from the public stating that the development, in particular two houses, should not have been approved without notice. The commentator is concerned that the two houses under construction, berms and fill are restricting the flow of water to the Van Gaal Municipal Drain, causing the water to back up onto adjacent fields and making cropping impossible.

The two houses and related grading were reviewed and approved as dry model homes (i.e. not connected to services). While the overall subdivision grading is still under review for the final approval of Phase 1, it is the City’s practise to account for off site drainage through a proposed development. A request has been made to the developer and the City inspector to assess and remedy any drainage issues relating to the adjacent property as soon as it is feasible.