Informing and engaging area residents


What are we all about …?

Informing and engaging Richmond area residents while fostering village identity and pride. This is our mission at

Community-driven and independent, our content flows from the generous help of photographers, writers and columnists from the Richmond area.  Launched in Richmond’s bicentennial year following the closure of the Stittsville News our aim is to be a vibrant part of Richmond community life.

Our quiet rural village will soon double in population.  What effect will this growth have on the people who live here?  What are the stories of current and former residents?  Who are the interesting new people and businesses driving the growth? How do we maintain the values and charm of the old village as we continue to grow?  How will Richmond fare as part of the larger City of Ottawa?  What can be done to help shape the future?  These are the stories that we are interested in sharing.

Jeff Morris