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A 21st Century High School Student

What It Is Like To Be A High School Student In The 21st Century : Part 2 : The Experience Of Others

By : Carissa Fortin

Hello. It’s your new favorite student writer. In my last article, I wrote about a little bit of my experience in high school. Upon finishing the article I realized that I wanted to hear more from students in my school. I wasn’t sure how to do this. I created the survey below to get the best responses possible. I polled 129 students with 5 questions. I titled the survey, “ What It’s Like To Be A High School Student Now ”.  These were their responses:

I was  impressed with the results and want to thank everyone who participated. I was surprised by the percentages. When I created the survey, I left it so that the responses were anonymous. I did this to prevent bias from happening. The survey was effective in my opinion.  The question where I asked how many hours people spent doing their homework was the question that had the most surprising responses. 63.6 % of students said that they only spend 1 -2 hours on homework. This surprised me as South Carleton is known for academic success. So you would think that these students would spend more hours doing schoolwork.